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Track 5

11h30 - 12h45

13h45 - 15h00

Education and Capacity Building (ENG)

In this track, performed in English, we will cover the following topics:

  • A proposal for an alliance of Higher Education Institutions with GI-related study programmes, which would act under a common label e.g. “Digital Earth Alliance” and define a set of eminently marketable GI courses which ideally would have common metrics like Credit Points, scheduling etc. Such courses would be open for students from cooperating Institutions. This would be a way to address the lack of suitably trained GI specialists in Europe;

  • An exploration of the issues involved in updating GI curricula to take account of the emerging challenges being posed by a rapidly changing technological environment as well as changes in market conditions. EUROGI is currently working on the paradigm shift called “Beyond SDI” and it is intended that outline proposals for new curricula would take into account its findings; 

  • An indication of how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the manner in which GI courses have been provided. The likelihood that these changes will become permanent will be explored. 


  • Morning Session leader/moderator: Danny Vandenbroucke, KU Leuven (EN) 

  • Introduction – Hans Breemersch, EUROGI President (EN) 

  • Peter Zeil - Copernicus Academy Hub for Knowledge, Innovation and Outreach (EN) 

  • EO4GEO - bridging the skills gap between supply and demand of education and training in the EO/GI sector -Danny Vandenbroucke, KU Leuven - Research Manager (EN)  

  • EuroSDR - building a bridge between NMAs and the academic world - Eric Bayers, NGI-IGN - Directeur SDI (EN)


  • Afternoon Session leader/moderator: Peter Zeil, Spatial Services GmbH (EN) 

  • Global GI Science Education - Prof. Justine Blanford, Universiteit Twente (EN)  

  • GI Education in Geography - Luc Zwartjes, Universiteit Gent (EN)   

  • Women in GI and Copernicus - Nathalie Stephenne, Geomatic expert at Geomatic Department, SPW (EN)   

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